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everything in my life...

Another sunny day
I am not liking how fast these days are going at all...

I got up 2 hours ago and I have managed to get ready and watch coronation street whilst doing my hair, now its nearly 11 :o

Had a nice breakfast today of special k with raisins and vanilla yoghurt; so full though now!

Guest speaker this afternoon & I really really really need to go to the gym :/ I haven't been in over a week, I wish I could go everyday cause I feel like im wasting the money that is spent on the gym...

Time to get dressed, do some writing and yeah :)

Fall head first like paper planes in playground games
Sat in the library with Sadie; just had our tutorial and we have alot of work to do!

Last night was rather lovely, saw my friend Richie and we made play dough vegetables and a house, I missed him :)

I haven't been to the gym all week, stupid damn essay and learning agreement which is still none existant and everything! Just over two weeks I get to go back to Cornwall!

.boys are effort.

I am still trying to do my learning agreement and failing at writing, why can't my mind just switch off?!

Ohhhh :/

Blink182 session I think! :)

Hello Sunshine!!

- Seattle Miles

1st day of March and I wake up to the sun shining through my curtains!
Lovely :) I ended up going into University this morning which was a waste of time then to the gym where I pushed myself as much as I could within half an hour; my legs are killing me!

On my way home I decided to ring up granddad which was lovely to speak to him walking whilst munching on strawberries and I was hot in my coat...could this be spring?

Another thing I managed to do when I was on my way home was to write a list of things I must do this week, preferably in the next couple of days but its so cold in this house I don't even want to get up and do anything...I will though!

Completely loving M83 - We Own The Sky at the moment, such a good song!

Right, I should really start on some of these tasks....OH and I GO HOME IN 26 days :) :) :)!!!! So excited!

This week

- Holiday Jenny

This whole week just gone has been spent with Andrea....not doing much work at all, cooking, baking, film watching, guitar hero and so on! no gym at all - which has made me feel all urgh!

I have received lots of Gap Year brochures & I shall go through them when I can, not sure what to do because Ree has got into Uni so obviously she won't be able to go travelling until Summer, then what shall I alone?

I know what I could do - work on a ranch or somewhere, I would like that...or work with horses! - hi Ree if you are reading this.

As the stew cooks....
Making stew with Joe right now...and its amazing with parsnips - I am not writing out my recipe until it has been perfected!

Today was mega busy at work but we sold a dress that I showed the lady which is great. Meant to be going out to Firestation tonight for a friends birthday but I don't fancy drinking because I don't really enjoy it - Will go with Lucy if she goes, then we can just drive there and back.

All I fancy doing right now is to go on holiday & I am getting excited to go travelling (once I find someone who has the time to come with me, no way am I going alone)

I thought I would do a quick update, and I may update again laterrrr! :) 

And the journey continues
-Ray Wise
Life continues.
Fears continue.
Passions continue.

I feel much more positive this year than I have felt before; I know where I want to be in a years time, 5 years and 10. I realise who I am, I know my sense of style, I think that 2010 has started the better me, the girl who finally gets things done, sorts her life out, realise's what makes me happy and what doesn't...there is only one thing I haven't grown within and that is the opposite sex, my longest relationship is still 4 days, 8 years ago - but with this in mind it doesn't really bother me that much, I haven't had my heart broken by a boy I loved (I may have had it cracked though) And it has also given me time to realise what I look for in a man.

Before when it was all about good looks, humour and status its not about a guy that can make me smile in an instance, thinking of them out of the blue, a caring guy, a passionate one....Look at me talking about men!
Apart from that im doing alright!  

I have been saving a pound for every day so far (around £50) and its going straight into my savings...which shall stay there until I really need it (to get a house of whatever) hopefully it will build up. (save £1 everyday for 1001 days)

I have been finally planning my travels; looking at destinations Id love to go to, things I would like to do...I haven't looked at expense, flights etc yet! Im also upto date with my Final project and feeling very positive about it which is great :)
The essay has started (mind maps and so on)

2010 is the year to be positive and to look forward, not backwards...the memories are still there but you cannot change the past, but you can change the future (in a personal sense)

I am just rather happy right about now, I have been slacking with the gym because of the flu and I don't have time to go their until Sunday or Monday now! - I still feel as if I haven't lost any weight...I know I have worked on my muscles because when I tense my arm you can feel and see the muscle - maybe I should cut down on them ones ;)

I will just have to work a little harder I guess.

I think its time for a m83, a cuppa and a film then bed, work tomorrow then a 1920's themed birthday party for Montana - but I am not dressing 1920's as I couldn't find anything :(

night guys!

When I go travelling.

-Ben Heine

A list of things I wish to do / visit. (in progress)


South Africa 
Lake Louise
Grand Canyon
The Balkans
Hotsprings (japan)
South Korea
New Zealand

Things to do:

Work with animal rescue's

Angry man

- theGentleman
He holds anger enough for 10 other men, but why....why let your anger out on me?

He also forces me to come into work on days I have off, oh angry man....when are you going to learn?

Angry man makes his point through graphics and business cards.

Angry man got angry at me earlier, and yesteryda and the day before.

Because world, some men are born to be angry...and so has Darren Rowe.

WELL I had a rather lovely day today :)
Seaside, Merry go rounds, Roast dinner, Carrot cake, Sunsets, Laughter

The End.

Fed up
I really have had quite enough of Uni right now.
Currently I am trying to do sketchbook and it feels like a chore, I would rather be cleaning toilets right now than doing this...that mustn't be good right? 
For my next project I shall be doing the whole sketchbook on iWork which will make things easier, another thing I am hating right now is our Essay...there is no question for it, just talk about our own work...2,500 can I do this? Not many of us even have our own style right now, its complete bullshit to be honest.

I would rather be out on this sunday having a lovely day out with friends or something, its sunny and I am stuck indoors with my PJ's on still. I don't feel too great just because I don't know how I can last til the end of May here, I mean...I like Bournemouth, its a really nice place to live but its not home...I don't feel that settled here (mostly because of the people) ... I reckon I will keep posting to say how annoyed at Uni I am.
Another thing....why can't the koala climb the tree to tell the other koala things?

OHHH crazy times, who knows.

101 things that make me happy.
They might be real silly ones but here is my list so far :

101 things that make me happy.Collapse )


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