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I got a job, how exciting!!! I am now an employee at Next - 16 hour contract but hey, lets hope I can get more hours :) Started there on Sunday, was alright.

Its actually quite boring at the moment, but hey. TIME TO FIND MYSELF A CAREER, or at least to enjoy a job :P

Any ways a few things have changed with my 'personal preferences' you can say...I will keep quiet for the mean time but yes, its quite exciting!

Just cut my hair, more layers at the top and a shorter side fringe - going to get it all cut off soon, aha! not MEGA short, will still look lush :)

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Sounds like my hair cut now.. and exactly what I'm gonna do with my hair next, too. I had a pixie cut once and I kinda want to go that short again.. though I'm not sure..

Although your hair is way nicer than mine! lol

Anyway.. I like your style.. Let's be LJ friends? :)

Heh awwhh, your hair looks pretty from what I can see from your little icon photo thing.

And yees I just dropped you an add :)

Gimme a message if you fancyyy?

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