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Are you living each day?

Like its your l.a.s.t? Im not...

I don't want to live each day as if its going to be my last because that will be a little too intense for me, but a little more each day would make me feel abit more alive.
This whole week has been spent inside or a quick outing (because of the rain) and I watch Eastenders, Hollyoaks etc...what am I gaining here?

Nothing much is the answer, I would rather have each day rather busy then once a week have a day where I just really relax, I don't think this is going to happen until I move in with Ree and Megan and I can really start my life, at the moment I am still a student/part time worker and I want to get a real job, start up a photography business and start doing things with my life.

Hmmph, today it is sunny and what am I doing? I watched an episode of What Katie Did Next, drank some tea, ate some toast....I did go to the beach earlier and had a little paddle, but I should be making the most of this weather, Just not much to really do down here that I can think of.

I might go through my drawers and have a sort out, may as well do something useful.


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