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Pasty Land


The last week has been pretty adventurous...Ree came up to Bournemouth and we went to Postcards for an a.m.a.z.i.n.g dinner then Inferno for a friends leaving drinks party thing...
The next day was spent spending alot of money and getting rather d.r.u.n.k, we ate so much rubbish over the week.

On the wednesday we went to Winchester where we ate more crap, shopped and went out...being up there gave me some extra choices within my life. Ha.

Back to Cornwall now for Easter and Im going back in 9 days :( Ree, Megan and I have been looking at houses to rent in Falmouth & so far we have 1 to view next week, so I doubt we will find a perfect house for a while...but thats okay because I am at Uni until the end of May.

Anyways, thought I would update this! :)


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