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Like writing in a book

everything in my life...

Title: Lover
Prompt: Lover
For: [info]brigits_flame 
Rating: PG
Genre: Fiction; short story
Word Count: 817
Warnings: None
A/N: Unbetaed, it is bound to have errors!

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(no subject)
Title: Hero
Prompt: Hero
For: [info]brigits_flame 
Rating: PG
Genre: Poetry
Word Count: 314
Warnings: None
A/N: Unbetaed, it is bound to have errors!

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Brigits_flame: Week two just for fun.

Title: How does it open?
Prompt: How does it open?
For: [info]brigits_flame 
Rating: PG
Genre: Poetry
Word Count: 211
Warnings: None
A/N: Unbetaed, it is bound to have errors!

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I got a job, how exciting!!! I am now an employee at Next - 16 hour contract but hey, lets hope I can get more hours :) Started there on Sunday, was alright.

Its actually quite boring at the moment, but hey. TIME TO FIND MYSELF A CAREER, or at least to enjoy a job :P

Any ways a few things have changed with my 'personal preferences' you can say...I will keep quiet for the mean time but yes, its quite exciting!

Just cut my hair, more layers at the top and a shorter side fringe - going to get it all cut off soon, aha! not MEGA short, will still look lush :)

My house is now a home :)

Sorry for the major delay on writing a journal entry - I just keep forgetting about it!

I have moved in to my house in Cornwall with Ree and Megan and its g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s, I didn't see the house before I signed up for it (only from a few photos) the photographs made it appear quite small even though it was advertised as a large 3 bedroom house, as soon as I saw my bedroom I was like " YAYYYY " Its the biggest one and has a nice size built in wardrobe, wooden floors, and the whole house just has lots of character.

I am h.a.p.p.y I moved here, I have found it mega hard to find a job and I got to the stage where I thought I was going to be unemployed forever! But after several interviews I have now been offered a job in Next and I start next weekend! I am so excited, just need to find another part time job now.

Ree, Megan and I have been discussing about house d.e.c.o.r.a.t.i.n.g and every week it looks more and more homely, we have a lovely vegetable patch outside in the garden and plants outside which my daddy nicely donated :) We have each produced a painting for the house and I have made a few little heart cussion decorations, the colours we are thinking about painting the house is a dusky pink and grey - which is what I wanted for my bedroom so yay, and a nice olive colour too!

It is my brothers 21st next week and I think they are coming up to visit on the Sunday so I have to make up some plans, possibly going out for a late lunch because I finish work at 2.45 then mini golf, or something...e.x.c.i.t.i.n.g!

I haven't met that many people down here to be honest, a few but I need to go out and meet more and I recon that when Ree starts University in September I will meet many more, especially on student nights out ;) I am going to meet a n.i.c.e new person this week so yay :)

The move

By Kaz2803

I can't believe how soon I am moving to Falmouth with Ree and Megan, the house is all sorted and apparently I will love it :) Moving in on Sunday, so only 6 days away...

I know how I want to have my bedroom...rather v.i.n.t.a.g.e looking, so now this is my chance to do it properly, seen a few things already and collected some lovely things, its all wooden flooring as well which I l.o.v.e.e.e...I want to get a pretty chandellear (can't spell that one) but they are quite expensive, so maybe that is something I shall buy when I have the money to use on it.

I have been opening up the boutique that I work at every day (apart from Sundays) because my boss Sue has gone on holiday, lucky! it doesn't take too much effort to open and shut the shop but its the effort to stand here when it is a quiet day and no one wants to go shopping in this lovely lovely weather, so once the dusting, hoovering, mopping, checking sizes etc have been done there honestly isn't much else we can do...I am at work whilst I type this actually, I get to shut the shop in 20 minutes and I am going to go straight home to a nice cup of tea and some major packing - but I am packing things properly this time, not just throwing everything into a bag...so I can be more organised next time!

My feet are currently killing me as I speak, I also noticed a big crack in the bottom of them, I only bought them last week!!! Silly gladiator type sandals, I would take them back but I doubt they would do anything about it. I need to get some nice comfy shoes really because when I get older my legs won't be as good...to be honest, they aren't that good at the moment .... the amount of times I get down on the floor and have to use both arms to pull myself back up , hahaha. I am currently taking some Flex tablets which hopefully should be helping but Jenny suggested Glucosamine....so I may just try this!

Rosie took me out to the g.a.y b.a.r (2930) on Saturday night, and what a strange but funny night it was indeed.. had too much wine! And yesterday was lovely though, Montana and Amy drove me to the New Forest and we went to a country pub for lunch where I had a MASSIVE goats cheese & red onion sandwich, which chips...my golly, I could only eat half...we then sunbathed for abit, got too hot so we decided to sit with some cows under a tree, until two of them started mounting one another, ohh it was funny.

I should go now and shut the shop up, I shall write again soon! x

A long wait
I haven't really written a diary entry for a while so I felt like I should whilst I wait for my images to save...where do I start?

I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to catch up with everything, my final project deadline is on Thursday and I have been doing several hours of Photoshop a day..which isn't great on my back! Hopefully they will give me a pass though!
All I wish to do on Sunday (after my boss' photoshoot) and possibly New Forest to see some horses and a country pub (yesplease) and IS TO S.L.E.E.P!

My new house in Falmouth is all paid for and ready for my to move in but obviously I can't because my boss wants me to work full time for her whilst she is on holiday but oh well, its extra money, I have already seen some lovely things I would like for my room to look like...here is a picture I founddd...

Are you living each day?

Like its your l.a.s.t? Im not...

I don't want to live each day as if its going to be my last because that will be a little too intense for me, but a little more each day would make me feel abit more alive.
This whole week has been spent inside or a quick outing (because of the rain) and I watch Eastenders, Hollyoaks etc...what am I gaining here?

Nothing much is the answer, I would rather have each day rather busy then once a week have a day where I just really relax, I don't think this is going to happen until I move in with Ree and Megan and I can really start my life, at the moment I am still a student/part time worker and I want to get a real job, start up a photography business and start doing things with my life.

Hmmph, today it is sunny and what am I doing? I watched an episode of What Katie Did Next, drank some tea, ate some toast....I did go to the beach earlier and had a little paddle, but I should be making the most of this weather, Just not much to really do down here that I can think of.

I might go through my drawers and have a sort out, may as well do something useful.

Pasty Land


The last week has been pretty adventurous...Ree came up to Bournemouth and we went to Postcards for an a.m.a.z.i.n.g dinner then Inferno for a friends leaving drinks party thing...
The next day was spent spending alot of money and getting rather d.r.u.n.k, we ate so much rubbish over the week.

On the wednesday we went to Winchester where we ate more crap, shopped and went out...being up there gave me some extra choices within my life. Ha.

Back to Cornwall now for Easter and Im going back in 9 days :( Ree, Megan and I have been looking at houses to rent in Falmouth & so far we have 1 to view next week, so I doubt we will find a perfect house for a while...but thats okay because I am at Uni until the end of May.

Anyways, thought I would update this! :)

My Mother

I have one memory of you...

I was laying in bed with my brother and I woke up screaming from a dream; a dream about a killer seagull, you went out that day and came back to the flat and handed me a pack of playing cards with horses on; I was in love. and a glass of milk, we watched The Land Before Time .

When ever I see anything to do about dinosaurs it makes me think of you, and every new years eve I mentally write to you...

I still have your wedding shoes, they might be a bit dusty but I will have to clean them and place them somewhere safe :)

Todays mothers day and I wish you a great dayyy!